Decorate beeswax candles this Christmas


Tiffany LovegroveDecember 13, 2022

Child holding candles
Setting up for candle decorating

Decorate beeswax candles with Stockmar decorating wax this Christmas.

Create slow time with your family in the lead up to Christmas by decorating festive candles for your table with our beautiful beeswax candles and decorating wax!

Children delight in seeing their creative endeavours taking pride of place at the family table or mantlepiece, to be appreciated by everyone and contributing to the overall atmosphere of Christmas!

See how our friend Blue has decorated four candles, each one corresponding to the four kingdoms: Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human, as part of his family’s Advent preparation.

Plant kingdom on candle

Candle decorating is a healthy activity on so many levels! With the mood of the Nativity story and its pictures living in children, creative life fosters the imagination as children form their own beautiful decorated candles.

It brings children into their fingertips, developing fine motor skills as they manipulate the wax to form shapes and images. They might cut out shapes or free form them. Either way, this is an opportunity for the senses to be developed in a healthy way.

Candle Mineral kingdom together

The sense of life: the soul nourishing effect of sitting quietly or with a friend, engaged creatively and touched by the beauty of working artistically with these materials.

The sense of touch: feeling the wax softening in the fingers, as it becomes more pliable with the heat of the hand.

Lambs Animals on candle

The sense of smell arising from beeswax candles and decorating wax.

Human and final Candles

Sense of sight – beautiful transluscent colours of Stockmar wax (see colour chart below), and the warm yellow glow which is particular to beeswax candles (whereas white candles bring a cooler tone).

Available in store or online:  Stockmar small sheets in boxes of 18 bright colours, and a range of beeswax candles.




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