Caring for your toys


Grimm’s Wooden Toys offer the following advice for cleaning their wooden toys:  “simply wipe gently with a damp cloth and a little soapy water (if necessary). When drying, please do not place on the heater, otherwise, cracks may occur in the wood. Please allow to dry at room temperature. Please never clean our toys with disinfectant, hot water or similar!”.

In Australia we advise that if you intend to store your Grimm’s toys (for example, hiding away before Christmas) that you unseal any plastic packaging to allow the toys to breathe, especially in humid conditions.

You can hand wash your Sarah’s Silks with mild dishwashing liquid or shampoo, hang dry in the shade and give your silk a light iron on low heat if you want to restore the shine. Children enjoy the feel of wet silk, and it’s a satisfying task for them to wash and hang their playsilks to dry.

Wobbel Headquarters advise to clean your Wobbel by wiping with a damp cloth, possibly with a mild detergent. It is important to rub with a dry cloth afterwards.

The Wobbel does not require any special maintenance but you can vacuuming your Wobbel felt to remove any pilling apparent when your Wobbel is being used for the first few weeks.

“The Wobbel is a natural product and therefore ages pretty. Scratches and dents will definitely occur, but the Wobbel doesn’t mind so much. It will keep wobbling.”

Grapat advise the following:

For care or cleaning of the parts, they must be in a dry place, can be wiped with a damp cloth and dry immediately. The pieces should not be submerged in water nor should disinfectant be used.

If small marks appear in the pieces over time it will mean that the material has fulfilled its function of play, and from here we celebrate it. We ourselves have wrinkles and marks of life with the passage of time, this is life itself.

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