Yes!  Every Grimm’s toy is made by hand and carries within it’s own unique mark from the tree from which it was made!

“We love wood because it is a natural material so it always has various markings that show up in our products, making each one unique. Grimm’s toys are always one of a kind, carrying unique marks made by nature. Wood grain has changing structures and colours which serve as proof of its natural origins. The unique variations are proof of quality, not defects.

Black stripes are also something completely natural. This is the so-called pith tube or “heart of the tree”. It differs from the surrounding wood by the darker colour and structure. When working on the wood, it can become completely or partially visible. This feature is part of the natural appearance of the wood. Therefore, these are not defects for us, but quality features of a natural product and as such are desired and welcome by us. We love this uniqueness of wood!”

– Grimm’s Wooden Toys

One of the wonderful features of wooden toys, is that as well as being more more robust than most mass produced plastic toys, they can generally be fixed if they break. While wooden toys may last for many years, and even be handed down through generations, it’s also possible that through normal play breakages occur.

We are not able to offer replacements for broken toys, but we can offer advice on one way you may choose to handle this situation.  A broken toy can be a wonderful “teaching” moment for a child.  We can ask our children to think about ways we might be able to fix the toy and how to avoid such a breakage again, so that they become part of the learning process.  Working together to sand a toy or apply a little wood glue can be a meaningful response.   It can also stimulate discussion about our environment and why it’s important to try and “fix” things instead of throwing them away.

If in the event a well-loved wooden toy is beyond repair, you have the peace of mind in knowing it will sink back into nature’s cycle.

Yes!  Gift Cards are available for purchase at CHECKOUT.  Please write the message you would like us to include on your card in DELIVERY INSTRCTIONS at checkout and we will personally write your message on the card and include it with your gift.

Unfortunately we don’t offer a GIFT WRAPPING service at this current time.

We send out all orders same or next working day.  During Christmas or high volume days this may be delayed 1-2 days. Our Courier System is very fast and efficient – we’ve outlined a list of standard times below you could expect to receive your happy mail.

All our deliveries are via Courier which is the fastest way to get your parcel to you.  We don’t charge extra for Express Post like some stores, we simply offer you the best service available at our standard postage cost $9.50 ($25 NZ), or free within Australia when you spend over $180.

If you are not home to receive delivery you can pick up your parcel from your nearest Post Office or Delivery Centre.

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No we don’t have discount codes or sales.  We decided many years ago to provide the very best range of sustainable and European wooden toys available in Australia, and give exceptional and personal customer service.  This is our point of difference!  We have curated over 3,000 beautiful handcrafted products online over 16 years and have a wealth of experience and passion to share with you as the leaders in Australia in open-ended and imaginative play.

You are welcome to call one of our friendly staff at any time in store for information about a product or assistance in choosing exactly the right toy for the children in your life, our staff have a deep understanding of childhood (with Waldorf and Montessori backgrounds) and will provide you with excellent advice.  We are here to help!

Honeybee Toys have developed an informative Age Guide so that every toy on our website is listed with the most appropriate age groups for children.  You can find more information in the About Us section on our website in “Our Age Guide”.

We also ensure that we only select toys for an age group that meet safety standards for that age group.

When you shop with us you can be absolutely assured that we have put a lot of thought into toy selection.  We also don’t stock toys for their “fashionability” but we choose what is “good for the child” and we always select with real beauty in mind and through a child’s eyes.

Yes, we around proud to say that the majority of our toys are suitable for Vegans, and where we have chosen a natural materials such as silk or wool (for Waldorf education purposes), then we have done so with great thought and consideration.  In many cases natural materials are still better for the environment and the developing senses of a child than synthetic alternatives. 

All our toys are finished with natural vegetable oils and made from vegan-friendly materials with the following exceptions:

Selecta Wooden Toys are finished with natural beeswax.

Wobbel Boards with felt use real wool felt but Wobbel Pro is a Vegan option made from recycled PET bottles and looks and feels like wool.

Sarah’s Silks use Habotai silk, an ancient product from China. Silk caterpillars eat mulberry leaves so farms have to grow lots of trees to produce silk. They also are fed by hand on family farms. No pesticides or chemicals can be used as the caterpillars and moths are sensitive. Sarah’s Silks playsilks are hand-hemmed by women in their homes in one village near Suzjou. They pay an above average per piece rate.  Sarah’s Silks do make a cotton playcloth alternative to silk.

Nanchen and Evi dolls are stuffed with organic natural wool to allow the sense of warmth to be present for a child cuddling a doll.  We think this is much nicer than popular soft dolls we see on the market that are filled with shredded plastic.

Trommus Drums are made from animal hides that would otherwise be thrown away.   They are sourced in Pakistan from free range animals that are killed for meat.  The hides are hard wearing and replaceable, and the drum bases made from recycled plastic, so that a Trommus should never need to become landfill!




What is the difference between Wobbel boards?

Wobbel Original vs Wobbel Pro
The Original board comes with or without EKO wool felt.
This is a wool felt, coloured by nature, and is soft and warm to the touch.

The Pro boards come with our mainly recycled pressed PET felt.
This is a hard wearing felt, that is great for professional use like in schools and playgrounds.
This felt is a bit easier to clean compared to the wool felt, but doesn’t feel as soft as the wool felt.

The Pro and Original boards are the same size and can bare the same weight.
This size is particularly great from about 3 years and up, but can be used for all ages, up until 200 kilograms. 

Wobbel Starter
The Starter is our smallest board, the perfect ‘my first Wobbel’.
The shape, curve, size and weight make it a lighter and very stable balance board.
Meant for the smallest children, but can be used for all ages up until 100 kilograms.
On the Starter we offer without felt or with the same recycled felt like on the Pro.

Wobbel XL
The Wobbel XL is great for children from about 7 years old and adults, and comes with or without our EKO wool felt. This board can hold 200 kilograms easily.

Wobbel 360
The Wobbel 360, which is great for all ages, and comes with or without our mainly recycled pressed felt like on the Pro and Starter. It is our dynamic circular board, which is great from spinning, tricks and particularly fun for playing together. This board can hold 200 kilograms easily too.

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