Age Guide

The first seven years of a child’s life are vital to development, we see incredible forces of growth take place from the newborn emerging from the womb, a toddler finding balance, a four year old immersed in imaginary play, and a seven year old beginning to read. As in the symbol of the rainbow, so often associated with childhood, 7 arcs, one for each year of a child’s life.

At Honeybee Toys we believe that simple and natural toys, nurture the capacities emerging within the child, supporting and enhancing their development with joy, curiosity and wonder. That is why we have taken extra care to select and display the appropriate age groups throughout our range of toys, helping you to choose exactly the right toy for your child.

Each toy on our website is labelled with our suggested age group/s in 4 levels:

  • baby to 1
  • Toddler 1 to 2
  • Preschool 3-6
  • Older children 6+

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Birthday Guide

In addition to the age groups listed on our products we have curated our favourite toys for each of the first seven years of a child’s life in our Birthday Guide.  Our selection is inspired and informed by Waldorf education.



All our toys are certified to International EN Safety Standards and where a toy is not safety tested for children under 3 years of age it will be marked with an age group 3+.

(Please note that sometimes keying errors do occur and you should ALWAYS refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines as marked on the packaging for safety information and age recommendations before giving your toy to your child).



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