Creating a Spring seasonal table.


Tiffany LovegroveOctober 13, 2022

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In keeping with the progression of the season, I’m opening up my Spring box to see what treasures we have stored away and what can be brought out now to enliven our Spring seasonal table.

The Nature or Seasonal Table is a living creative space, to be renewed and reimagined as your inspiration allows.

  • What have you found on a walk or in your garden? Some feathers grouped together might be just the thing!
  • What can you enjoy again saved in your special box?
  • Is it time to craft something from felt, clay, wax, or other materials on hand? Make some little animals from modelling wax perhaps.
  • Is there something you would like add which is new? Have a look at the myriad possibilities below.

Children love to ‘rediscover’ all the beautiful components stored in your seasonal box. 

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The Seasonal Table is a special place where the treasures of the season are gathered in an imaginative setting, woven together with other elements of the season’s mood, light, colours and gestures.

The table helps to connect us to the progress of the year. It nourishes our inner life to awaken ourselves to the rhythms around us, the day and night, the sway of the tides, the patterns of the cosmos, festivals and celebrations that come around again and again.

Children love to gather all that is abundant and beautiful from nature, to place them on the table as part of refreshing it throughout the season.  

The seasonal table may also be created to celebrate other important religious and cultural festivals throughout the year.

There are so many ways to express the season! We gathered up some special items from Honeybee to develop this Spring table and we have included some photos below to show how it came together bit by bit: 

Start with Magic Wood stand

We began with the Magic Wood Fairy Forest Home/Seasonal Stand, added a pretty Lavender Sarah’s silk (pale pink and soft apple green and white would also evoke the beginning of Spring), and then some Ostheimer farmyard fences. The blocks are placed to create some height for visual interest.

Step 2 Seasonal Table

We added the human form with these lovely Ostheimer figures, and then a sheep eating and baby lamb, a contrasting lemon silk and some fresh flowers. It’s starting to tell a story!

Step 3 seasonal table

A Grimm’s branch candleholder and 100% beeswax candle with a rabbit and tulip decoration, a Seccorell postcard (Spring Lamb) and the Grimm’s Weather building set (sun, wind, rain, clouds) complete the picture . . . for the moment!

Next week we will post another Spring table with a different feel altogether.

Other resources to inspire you and your family:

We also love the Year and a Day magazine just right for Spring (Issue 1) : Eggs Birds and Nests. This is an excellent quality publication, inviting children to explore, create and connect with nature through activities and stories. Also: Year and a Day (Issue 5): Growing from Seed

Year and Day together


And have a look at the “Wild” range of books full of wonderful ideas for getting creative with nature’s bounty:

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Your Wild Imagination: Nature play activities for kids.

Wild Projects for Families

Your Wild Celebration: nature craft for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and more.

My First Wild Activity Book


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