Craft Activity – Christmas Stars


Tiffany LovegroveNovember 14, 2022

G pressing stone

“Look what I made!”

Craft is a beautiful way for children to participate in Christmas preparations: it provides a meaningful focus to creatively engage, it’s great fun, and they will delight in their own artistic results and experience joy in either giving hand made decorations as gifts or embellishing the tree!

We love the simple set up, a few materials, and easy to manage nature of this craft activity.

A Girl looking at her work

We will show you how our friend Blue made these beautiful sparkling stone star decorations using DAS modelling clay and Grimm’s Glitter stones.

Craft develops the will, nourishes the inner life, offers important development of the senses as your child rolls out the clay feeling its texture and temperature in the fingertips feeling its weight and thickness under the rolling pin, cuts using a knife or shape cutter, manages tools such as brush and glue, carefully attaches gold thread  ( = touch, movement, warmth, life, sight, fine motor skills to name just a few)  – it’s a rich developmental experience!


C Setting up materials Glitter stones up close


DAS modelling clay  is easy to work with and sets quickly (no baking required), available in 1kg or 500gms. For colour and light, we love the pretty jewelled colours of the  Grimm’s Glitter Stones (comes in a multicoloured pack of 100).

 Rolling out the DAS e1668386027157 D Cutting out shapes


Start by rolling  out a piece of clay and use a cutter to make a star shape.

E Making hole for thread


Make a little hole using a skewer so that the thread can be added later. 

 G Girl putting on the glueG pressing stone


A touch of glue to hold the glitter stone, and press down gently to secure it in place. 

I 1 completed stars with gold thread

Once the star is dry, hang from a gold thread and create a  beautiful starry setting this Christmas, or gift to a friend!

This is a wholesome experience for children: engaging their being creatively, holding the light embodied in the story of the Nativity, and sensing wonder.


Star verse for DAS Girl looking at stars 1


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