A vibrant Spring table bursting with life.

Seasonal table

Tiffany LovegroveNovember 2, 2022

Final spring table green resized


Bridge and geese resized

As the season unfolds we feel the intense vibrancy of nature bursting with colour and life, as the rain and sunshine penetrate the earth.

This Spring table has quite a different feel to the last one we created!Rhythms of season resized

Attending to the seasonal table, keeping it fresh and tidy, by removing dead leaves and debris, and changing it around to reinvigorate it offers a worthy model for young children to imitate: it says that we care for our space, we value the art of creating beauty to behold, and that celebrating the majesty of the seasons is a wonderful activity to participate in for us all, young and old.

As caregivers we can create opportunities for children to experience the rhythm of festivals and celebrations, whatever the focus may be, as part of strengthening their own anchoring sense of the rhythms of life.

This time we are using the Magic Wood Seasonal Table (small) and bringing a bold palette of colour to evoke Spring growth and activity!

We love the Sarah’s Silk in Emerald Green, some of the Grimm’s Rainbow Arch set, and the Abrosius flower fairies (left to right top row): Forget Me Not Girl, Weather Doll Earth, Weather Doll Rain, Weather Doll Wind. Bottom row: Harebell, Weather Doll Sun.

Seasonal Table version 2 step 1 cropped

Next we brought in the Ostheimer birds and Root Children Silhouette

Birds are Red Breast Robin, Sparrow, Wagtail, Chaffinch.


Close up birds and fairies resized


Silhouette up close

We found a nest! These never cease to inspire wonder as we marvel at the ingenuity and craftsmanship of birds building a safe place for their offspring. We added some purple Grapat Mandala Eggs.

We found a nest resized

 And finally, to create a water element we introduced a royal blue Sarah’s Silk  to become the bubbling brook, added some river pebbles and Grandmother bringing in the geese over the bridge. There are so many options to bring Spring alive!

Bridge and geese up close

A vase of fresh foliage and a Grimm’s dark green branch candleholder, Grimm’s 100% beeswax candle, a yellow tulip and ladybird decorations complete the picture.

Bridge and geese for blog



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