Nanchen Comforter (Sleeping Doll) Red


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The Nanchen Sleeping blanket doll red with little feet has been made by hand with the highest quality natural materials in Germany. Suitable for small babies, the wide body cloth and hat of the blanket doll are made from bio certified organic cotton  – its head is stuffed with pure organic wool. The dolls face is painted by hand giving it its own personality and uniqueness. Completely safe and toxin free, the blanket doll provides a sense of security to the baby as something to hold onto, snuggle as well as grasp which promotes early development of motor skills.

It is recommended for parents to sleep with the blanket doll or to carry it on their skin before offering it to their baby. This allows the doll to take on the parents’ body odour and provides the baby with the closeness and security he needs.

The blanket doll can also be a companion during the painful teething phase as chewing on the cotton fabric provides relief to sore gums.

Recommended Age: Suitable from birth, except in a sleep environment – see warning below

WARNING! Comforters and other soft toys are not suitable for use in a sleep environment with a baby less than 7 months old – soft & padded surfaces can conform to the shape of a baby’s head and cause suffocation.

  • Age Group: baby 0 to 1, toddler 1 to 3
  • Brand: Nanchen


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