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Trigonos was invented by Spanish father Josep Figueras, prompted by his young daughter asking him about what he played with as a child. “It is then that I realised that what kept me entertained for hours and hours, what fascinated me for years, what I shared with my siblings and friends was something very similar to what we know today as Trígonos”.

Trígonos is a versatile, interactive and evolutionary system of rods and blocks that intuitively awaken a sense of simple geometry in children through the building of everything from large play structures to small models.

Trigonos STEM toys STEM Toys (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) encourage children to problem-solving while having fun.

What child doesn’t enjoy building a cabin, a labyrinth or a hideout? With the construction system offered by Trígonos, children have a wonderful time setting up and dismantling houses, castles or caves and, almost without realizing it, they learn subjects such as mathematics and physics.

Trigonos are made ethically in Catalonia, Spain from sustainable timbers.

"At Trígonos, we devote ourselves to inventing and producing toys made of wood and other materials with pedagogical values at the service of the personal evolution of every child."

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